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Federer, Roger. Skill Versus Strength 

Is how a player or team wins important in sport? Of course it is. Clearly, winning has to be prioritised over style. If it means that one needs to “win ugly”, as Brad Gilbert would say, then so be it. … Continue reading

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“The past was yours”

Few albums have made as big an impact on me as the eponymous debut by The Stone Roses. All these years later, I can still recall the hushed reverential tones that came over Daragh and the Fifth and Sixth years in school whenever The Stone Roses … Continue reading

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The irrational debate surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even his name seems to irk an inordinate amount of football fans, many of whom I speak to retain an inexplicable dislike of the man, often finding it difficult to articulate exactly what gets their goat up about him. Is … Continue reading

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