Music I enjoyed in 2015 but you might not!

Thought about whether to pull this list together. I’ve always loved sharing my musical discoveries with others. Over the last year: something changed. My enjoyment of Music became more personal. This lead to me discovering the (pretty obvious to most) dichotomy of whether I wanted to be music person A or B:

Music person A: Sharing is how great music is spread. Nudging people in the direction of good stuff can only be a positive force in the world.

Music person B: The constant judging between ear benders and mind melts that leads to the occasional dissing of other people’s output.

I’m still trying to be Music person A but my ego keeps surfacing and music person B rears his head.


I’m a sucker for a good list so here goes!  “Chill out” on my speakers for the task at hand. Nothing like the KLF to wipe the slate clean.The numbers below are not definitive; more loose denotations:

1) Julia Kent “Asperities” Violin. Strings. Beautiful.

2) Celer “How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life” The title is cause alone! I can hear Tokyo every time the first hook hits. And the emotional turbulence.

3) Levon Vincent “Levon Vincent” Sublime melting pot of deep house and techno.

4) Moon duo “Moon duo” Rumbling mellow bass lines. Atmospheric. Crescendos of ambience.

5) Helios “Yume” Keith Kenniff Pt 1. Spine tingling synths. Edge esque guitar licks.

6) Anthony Naples “Body Pill”. Blistered out 4 to the floor. “Refugio” my electro jam of the year.

7) Alessandro Cortini “Forse 3” Squeezes so much out his synth. The wait was worth it. He also knocked out “Risveglio” too in 2015. Legend.

8) Deer Hunter “fading frontier”. My jangly pop LP of 2015.

9) Slow Meadow “Slow meadow” Trumpets, strings, the lot.

10) Goldmund “Sometimes” Keith Kenniff Pt 2. Shimmering pianos. Feel the fingers Nils esque stuff.

11) Leila Abdul Rauf “insomnia” Shiny triangles. Darkness. Haunting vox. Grand piano. Shades of dead can dance.

12) Frahm / Arnalds “Loom”. Two titans combine to make stripped down loveliness.

13) Eivind Aarset “IE” -> “Return to her home”

14) Michael price “entanglement” Glistening refrains, sounds to watch the stars with.

15) Godspeed you…”Asunder, sweet & other distress”

16) Bjork “Vulnicera strings” joyous. An hour of Bjork drenched in beautifully orchestrated string arrangements.

17) Rafael Anton Irisarri “a fragile geography”

18) Tobias Jesso junior “goon” Vocal amazingness.

19) Beach house “Thank your lucky stars” Consistency without the highs.

20) Jerusalem in my heart “If he dies, if if if if if if”

21) Deepchord “ultraviolet music”. Submarine techno.

22) Bill Ryder Jones “West Kirby county primary” down to earth indie pop quality

23) Moritz Von Oswald “sounding drums” gurgly synths vs live feeling

24) Lubomyr Melnyk “Rivers & streams” human piano

25) Max Richter “From sleep”

26) Peder Mannerfelt “III” Futuristic, experimental. Pitch perfect production of tracks like “acid drop”. Manipulating sound like “DB at holger”

27) Other lives “Rituals” Following the template of “Other animals”.

28) Floating points “Elaenia”

29) William Basinski “Cascade” 40 mins of pure majesty from the King.

30) Moon duo “shadow of the sun” Rock. “Night beat” = one my wig outs of 2015 😉

***31) Tarantel “mort aut vaches” Really important band for me. ***technically not released in 2015, re release of super ltd edition. The live version of this is out of this world (no pun intended)


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