2015 BOY and becoming musicheadA

I thought longer than I usually do about whether or not to pull together my annual BOY Best Of the Year list. In my younger days, I was more vociferous about sharing my musical discoveries but over the past year, something changed as my enjoyment of music became more personal. Increasingly, I have discovered that there are two categories of musicheads:

Musichead A consistently nudges people in the direction of good music.

Musichead B allows their passion to spill over into being judgemental and supercilious.

I try to be Musichead A yet my ego keeps rearing its head and musichead B pops up.

Regardless, I remain a sucker for a good list so here are the records that I loved in 2015:

1) Julia Kent “Asperities”. Violin. Strings.

2) Celer: “How Could You Believe Me When I Said I loved You When You Know I’ve Been A Liar All My Life”. The title alone should earn it a place. This LP is the sound of wandering through the deserted late night streets of Tokyo with some headphones on.

3) Levon Vincent: “Levon Vincent”. Sublime melting pot of deep house and techno.

4) Moon Duo: “Moon Duo”. Rumbling, atmospheric bass lines crash with crescendos of ambience.

5) Helios: “Yume”. Keith Kenniff Part One. Spine-tingling synths with Edge-esque guitar licks.

6) Anthony Naples: “Body Pill”. Blistering four-to-the-floor beats. “Refugio” was my electro jam of 2015.

7) Alessandro Cortini: “Forse 3”. Cortini squeezes wonderful shards of emotion out of his synthesizer. His other LP “Risveglio” was also great.

8) Deer Hunter: “Fading Frontier”. My jangly pop record of 2015.

9) Slow Meadow: “Slow Meadow”. Trumpets, strings, the lot.

10) Goldmund: “Sometimes”. Keith Kenniff Part Two. Shimmering pianos, Nils-esque soundscapes.

11) Leila Abdul-Rauf: “Insomnia”. Shiny triangles, squares of darkness and haunting vocals coagulate with some shimmering grand piano with echoes of the great Dead Can Dance.

12) Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds: “Loom”. Stripped down beauty.

13) Eivind Aarset: “IE”. Wonderful.

14) Michael Price: “Entanglement”. Sounds to watch the stars with.

15) Godspeed You Black Emperor: “Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress”. Excellent comeback record.

16) Bjork: “Vulnicura Strings”. Bjork’s angelic vocals drenched in beautifully orchestrated string arrangements.

17) Rafael Anton Irisarri: “A Fragile Geography”. Wicked drone ambience.

18) Tobias Jesso Junior: “Goon”. Harmonious vocals.

19) Beach House: “Thank Your Lucky Stars”. Consistent without hitting their previous heights.

20) Jerusalem In My Heart: “If He Dies, If If If If If If”. Could die happy after listening to this.

21) Deepchord: “Ultraviolet Music”. Submarine techno.

22) Bill Ryder Jones: “West Kirby County Primary”. Down to earth quality indie-pop.

23) Moritz Von Oswald: “Sounding Drums”. Gurgly synths with a live feeling from the Basic Channel maestro.

24) Lubomyr Melnyk: “Rivers And Streams”. The human piano hits another home run.

25) Max Richter: “From sleep”. Melodic wonderfulness.

26) Peder Mannerfelt: “III”. Futuristic, experimental. “Acid Drop” my highlight.

27) Other lives: “Rituals”. Following the template of “Other animals” only not as remarkable.

28) Floating points: “Elaenia”.

29) William Basinski: “Cascade”. Forty minutes of pure majesty from the King of ambience.

30) Moon Duo: “Shadow of the Sun”. “Night beat” was one of the 2015 wigs outs.

31) Tarantel: “Mort aux Vaches”. Really important band for me. This was not technically released in 2015 and was a re-release. Powerful stuff though, loved it. Again.


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