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Dostoevsky, Fyodor: “The Gambler”

Dostoevsky’s novella has several worthy themes – gambling, identity, class and love. Of course, Dostoevsky is worth reading solely for his lyrical, sinuous and elegant prose. The Dickensian name of the town where the casino was based, Roulletenberg, typifies his wit. Fortunes are won and … Continue reading

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Bower, Tom, “Broken Vows. Tony Blair. The Tragedy Of Power”.

Watching democracy in action always gives me a kick. I was seventeen when Blair and New Labour swept all before them in the 1997 landslide. Blair was young and articulate; a fact which is unfairly glossed over here. To be … Continue reading

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Orwell, George: “Animal Farm”

Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is still relevant. Living in a free and democratic country makes it all too facile to ignore the fact that millions of people and vast parts of our planet continue to be ruled with tyranny and repression. Contemplate the … Continue reading

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Yassin-Kassab, Robin and Leila Al-Shami: “Burning Country: Syrians In Revolution And War”

The dastardly Syrian civil war continues to stain our global conscience. Almost half a million deaths, and counting, at the beginning of 2017.  Burning Country: Syrians In Revolution And War is short but packed full of invaluable facts, data, and interviews from a wide … Continue reading

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Stephenson, Neal: “Seveneves”

I have an enormous admiration for Bill Gates. Legend has it that he was so dedicated to his craft at Microsoft that the cleaners frequently found him asleep under a desk in the office in the mornings. He worked himself to … Continue reading

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