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Chomsky, Noam: “Who Rules The World?”

Noam Chomsky, The Brain, is the ethical conscience of the United States and the greatest leftist thinker ever. Yes, forget Marx, Chomsky is top of the pile. One of his key insights is just how easily intellectuals get sucked into … Continue reading

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Sam Harris’s inexplicable defence of Israel

Harris thinks well in certain areas and has interesting guests on his accessible “Waking Up” Podcast. He is good at criticising all religions. After recently deciding to go back to one of the first episodes of his “Waking Up” podcasts … Continue reading

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Feist, Raymond E. “The Magician”.

Feist’s 1982 novel “The Magician” is a barnstorming page-turner from first page to last. Yet that is all it is, there is no deeper meaning or interesting subtext here, it is all about the story. “The Magician” has only one string to its bow, … Continue reading

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Ness, Patrick: “More Than This”

Ness has written a bleak, coming-of-age science fiction thriller where the protagonists’ emotions swirl around in a dizzying eddy of uneasy teenage sensations as an awkward journey of self-discovery unfolds. “More Than This” is set in a dystopian sinkhole where … Continue reading

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