Holiday reading: “Salvation of a saint” by Keigo Higashino”

Usually I come across books to read through reviews in the newspapers, recommends from friends and family, reading other books, articles, studying, old books I never that I never got around to, presents and loans from my mother, browsing bookshops and the library. They’re all good. I am very fortunate to live opposite the Pembroke Library in Ballsbridge in Dublin, so the day before I headed off on a week’s summer holidays, I went in with some specifics in mind and came across this Japanese novel when rummaging around.

The blurb made it seem a perfect holiday novel. A Japanese crime thriller. I started reading it on a train from Gdansk to Wroclaw and ate up the pages as we sped along at high speed. Yoshitaka dies from his coffee being poisoned but the main suspect, his wife Ayane, cannot have done the deed as she was thousands of miles away…

There is no great mystery here, save maybe some meditating on the constant infertility of the protagonists and how they are obsessed with procreation, symbolising Japan as a whole. Why they do not take more immigrants in is beyond me. Anyway, “Salvation” is a whodunit. I finished it on the plane home from Wroclaw two days later.

The writing seems modest and minimal, yet I cannot definitely draw that conclusion, as I was reading a translation.

Supposedly, Higashino’s first novel, “Devotion of Suspect X”, is equally as good. So, a little trip to the library maybe in order there too. Just need to book another holiday first…



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