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Graham, Benjamin: “The Intelligent Investor”.

I read the classic 1949 edition of this book, which legendary investor Warren Buffett cites as his primary influence. It is an excellent text and one that breaks down the art of investing in a simple and revealing way. Graham … Continue reading

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Peterson, Jordan: “12 Rules For Life. An Antidote To Chaos”.

The hype surrounding Jordan Peterson is nauseating: it’s depressing that people can’t be even remotely objective about a thinker on a different side of the political divide to themselves. Peterson writes with a conversational tone here and tries to impart … Continue reading

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Kurlansky, Mark: “Cod: A Biography Of The Fish That Changed The World”.

Truthfully, I cannot say that I ever envisaged myself reading about cod. In fact, anything even vaguely scientific is usually beyond my remit. This is no slight on science, you understand. Far from it. I am an acolyte of the … Continue reading

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Johnson, Dr. Spencer: “Who Moved My Cheese?”

A work colleague recommended this book to me some years back and I had completely forgotten about it, only to be reminded of it last year by a different colleague! I finally got around to it last week. In retrospect, … Continue reading

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Schroeder, Alice: “Warren Buffett And The Business Of Life”.

“The Snowball” is an enjoyable peregrination through the life and times of Warren Buffett, the man whom Schroeder dubbed the “all American, Pepsi quaffing, investing fundamentalist, one who plied his trade in glorious solitude, far from the Lucifer’s of Wall … Continue reading

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