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Review: Xu Hongci “No Wall Too High: One Man’s Extraordinary Escape from Mao’s Infamous Labour Camps”

Introduction:   Xu Hongci met Chairman Mao in June of 1953. Had the event been captured on film, it is highly likely that Hongci would have appeared like one of those people you see in the old propaganda films clapping … Continue reading

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Defending the indefensible. A Review of Leon Trotsky’s “Terrorism and Communism”

Introduction:     This short polemic from Trotsky was a reply to Karl Kautsky’s stinging critique of the Russian Revolution. Kautsky believed that the Bolsheviks had disregarded some of the basic tenets of Marxism by violently seizing power. Kautsky was … Continue reading

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The Russian revolution 100 years on. Review: E.H. Carr “The Russian Revolution from Lenin to Stalin 1917-1929”

    Introduction:   Carr devoted thirty years of his life to writing his fourteen volume, two million words and arguably the definitive history of Twentieth Century Russia. This is his magnum opus distilled into two hundred pages and it … Continue reading

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Sam Harris’s inexplicable defence of Israel

Introduction:   Harris thinks well in certain areas and is capable of being relatively articulate on his “Waking Up” podcast. He is good at criticising all religions. I recently decided to go back to one of the first episodes of … Continue reading

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Review: “Revolutionary Iran. A history of the Islamist Republic” by Michael Axworthy.

Axworthy has written a scholarly history of Twentieth Century Iran. He does justice to a country with one of the most complex histories in the world by unearthing painstaking detail on how various internal regimes have functioned down the years. There is … Continue reading

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The burden on beasts, a review of “Animal Farm” by George Orwell at the beginning of 2017.

As 2017 begins, it is clear to me that the world that George Orwell so accurately described in his 1945 classic, “Animal Farm”, still exists in parts of the world today. Living in a free and democratic Western country, it … Continue reading

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