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Frankopan, Peter: “The Silk Roads: A New History Of The World”

The first half of Peter Frankopan’s book is a triumph which presents the Eastern history of the world in a clear manner. “It is easy to mould the past into a shape that we find convenient and accessible. But the … Continue reading

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Fante, John: “Ask The Dust”.

“Los Angeles, give me some of you!” exclaimed Arturo Bandini, the self-proclaimed genius and all-time literary great. “Ask The Dust” is a paean to the perfidious, seedy underbelly of the city of angels, a journey through its poverty-stricken streets and bars, … Continue reading

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Quinn, Michael: “Irish-Soviet Diplomatic And Friendship Relations 1917-1991”.

Umiskin press have published a timely account of Irish-Soviet relations in this the centennial year of the wholly unnecessary Russian Revolution. Quinn developed this book from a thesis that he had submitted to earn his PHD.  Ultimately, relations between Ireland … Continue reading

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Yazbek, Samar: “The Crossing. My Journey To The Shattered Heart Of Syria”.

“Death was so straightforward here, so close and intimate” wrote Yazbek of her three trips through rebel held areas in Syria in 2012 and 2013. Yazbek’s prose, whilst addressing the post-Revolutionary Syrian landscape, was elegant. She had personal access to … Continue reading

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Axworthy, Michael: “Revolutionary Iran. A History Of The Islamist Republic”.

Axworthy has written a scholarly history of twentieth-century Iran, doing justice to a country with a complex history. So much detail is on offer that I occasionally had to digest certain sections and chapters multiple times. For anyone interested in political … Continue reading

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